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Blue CPCS Card
What is a Blue CPCS/NPORS card and why do I need one?

The Competent Operator Blue CPCS/NPORS Card, is part of the Construction Plant Competence Scheme or the National Plant Operators Scheme. The Blue competent operators’ card is the next card up from the red Trained operator CPCS/NPORS card. Whilst there is no legal requirement for a CPCS/ NPORS card there is a legal requirement for trained and competent staff. The CPCS/NPORS card system is an excellent way of demonstrating to employers that you are competent in your occupational area.

The Blue CPCS/NPORS card is for Competent operators and indicates that you are skilled in the operation of a specific type of construction plant or to carry out lifting operations.

We can upgrade some of the following card types listed below:

NPORS (N017) – Abrasive Wheels – Hand Held Cut Off Saw
NPORS (N401) – Appointed Person BS7121
NPORS (N304) – Cable Avoidance Tool
NPORS (N405) – Crane / Lift Supervisor
NPORS (N027) – Excavation Marshall Banks person
NPORS (N202) – Excavator 360
NPORS (N100) – Excavator as A Crane
NPORS (N010) – Telescopic Handler
NPORS (N138) – Telescopic underslung loads
NPORS (N202) – Excavator 360
NPORS (N204) – Forward Tipping Dumper A: Wheeled B: Tracked
NPORS (N214) – Road Roller
NPORS (N402) – Slinger Signaller
NPORS (N403) – Vehicle Banksman/Marshall
CPCS A09 Forward Tipping Dumper A: Wheeled B: Tracked
CPCS A17 Telescopic Handler A: Industrial Telescopic B: Up to 9 metres C: All sizes ex. 360° slew
CPCS A21 Wheeled Loading Shovel
CPCS A31 Ride on Roller
CPCS A40 Slinger/ Signaller A: All types – all duties B: All types – static duties C: Knuckle boom –
static duties only D: Excavator only E: Lift truck only
CPCS A56 Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis A: Up to 15 tonnes B: All sizes
CPCS A57 Dump Truck – Rigid Chassis A: Up to 15 tonnes B: Up to 50 tonnes C: All sizes (wheeled) D:
All sizes (tracked)
CPCS A58 Excavator 360º below 10 tonnes A: Tracked, B: Wheeled, C: Lifting ops
CPCS A59 Excavator 360º above 10 tonnes A: Tracked B: Wheeled C: Lifting ops
CPCS A61 Appointed Person – Lifting Operations
CPCS A62 Crane/lifting Operations Supervisor
CPCS A73 Plant & vehicle marshaller

The Blue CPCS/NPORS card can be achieved through a trade specific NVQ alongside the relevant Health, Safety and Environment test for Operatives.

The construction industry is a dangerous environment, and it is vital that you have the correct skills, knowledge, training and experience to safely carry out your work. Most construction sites use the CPCS/NPORS card system to ensure that their employees are trained and competent.

By holding a blue CPCS/NPORS card you’ll be more employable and be able to demand a higher salary than standard construction workers.

The Average Salary for a trained and competent Plant operators in the UK is £45’000 per Anum making the blue CPCS/NPORS card a solid investment in your future.

How can I get a blue CSCS card?
You’ll need to complete an NVQ in your chosen item of plant or lifting and complete the CITB Health,Safety and Environment test for Operatives at a Pearson Vue Centre.

An NVQ is an assessment of your competence and is made up of several elements.

Knowledge Questions:
You’ll need to answer written knowledge questions to demonstrate understanding of your role in the occupational area. Our MCIOB Tutors are on hand to aid with these questions, so you are not overwhelmed by them. We can also use current technology to use verbal responses that can be converted into written word to make things easier.

Work Based Evidence:
We will take copies of work-based documents that area associated with your work which help to demonstrate that you are working safely in the industry in the specified role.

Examples of documents we might take copies of include risk assessments and method statements (RAMS), Briefings, Toolbox talks, Hazard report cards, pre-use check sheets, drawings etc. you do not need all the documents on the list these are just examples of some of the documents that may help.

Witness Testimony:
A witness statement from your employer or line manager can help to meet some of the assessment criterion for your NVQ. By providing a detailed account of what you do in your day-to-day role this document can help to demonstrate that you are competent in your occupational area.

Professional Discussion:
This is a recorded conversation with your assessor where you’ll discuss your work history and various aspects of your role. This is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience.

Our MCIOB Tutors will visit you on site and observe you carrying out your day-to-day activities. They may take photos and videos if site rules allow it. They’ll produce an observation report which describes in detail what they have witnessed during their visit.

All the evidence will then be placed into a file, cross referenced against the assessment criterion and submitted for quality checks. We can then apply to the awarding body for your NVQ certificate.

The NVQ certificate and score report for your health and safety environment test can then both be submitted to claim for your blue CPCS/NPORS card.

What is the cost for this NVQ?
There can be many variables that can affect the price of your NVQ but the can start as low as £495 + vat Payment can be made in 50/50 terms to reduce any financial impact.

You’ll also need the Health, Safety and Environment test for operatives will cost you £22.50 at a Pearson Vue and the card application is £30 + VAT.

Further Progression
Natural progression from the blue CPCS/NPORS card would be to move into a supervisory role.

We can offer several options including accredited CITB Site Safety Plus courses including:

CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)
CITB Site Manager Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

You can also undertake your NVQ Level 3 in occupational work supervision and achieve a GoldSupervisor CSCS Card.

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