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Gold CSCS Card

What is a Gold CSCS Card and why do I need one? 

The Gold CSCS Card is one of the most sought-after qualifications in the construction industry and is recognised as a strong indicator of competence among high level construction site supervisors.  

The CSCS Card system is the industry standard method of ensuring employees are competent in their role. Ranging from red trainee card to the black manager CSCS card. The Supervisors Gold card holds the highest credibility at this level. 

Benefits include:

Increased employability

Gold CSCS card holders can demonstrate that they have achieved at least a level 3 construction related NVQ in occupational work supervision, which is  of the highest qualifications available to supervisors in the industry.

Increase in earning potential:

As with most occupations, the more skilled you are, the more you will be able to demand in terms of your salary. Some freelance construction supervisors can earn over £65k per annum in the industry.

The Gold CSCS card coupled with the CITB SSSTS can make your CV stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Employment longevity:

Highly qualified supervisors will stay in their position for longer. The more qualified you are then the more attractive you are to an organisation. The Gold CSCS card is the qualification you need to ensure that you stay in your position for longer and move from project to project with companies.

Construction is an exciting fast paced industry with huge rewards in terms of job satisfaction and financial and ensuring you have a Gold CSCS card at your disposal is one of the best investments a good site Supervisor can make.

Gaining a Gold CSCS card can boost your construction career. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you achieve it.