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Black CSCS Card Training

For workers in the construction industry the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is the industry standard competency card scheme. Holding the correct CSCS card is essential to getting into the larger more profitable construction projects. Ensuring you have the correct CSCS card is a wise choice for any construction professional.

Who are CSCS?

CSCS is owned by the construction industry for the construction industry.

CSCS is a not for profit organisation which is registered as a company limited by guarantee and has no shareholders. CSCS is owned by three employer organisations and two unions representing the breadth of the construction industry. CSCS is managed by CSCS Limited whose seven non-executive Directors are nominated from the following owner organisations:

• Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA)
• Federation of Master Builders (FMB)
• GMB Union
• Build UK
• UNITE The Union

Do I need a CSCS card by law?

No you don’t need to hold any qualifications by law but employers have a legal duty to ensure that you are trained and competent. The CSCS and associated card schemes have become the industry’s standard method of ensuring workers are trained to a level that is proportionate to the risks associated with their work activities.

Which card do I need?

There are 38 card schemes that display the CSCS logo that cover a wide range of activities. The card you need will be relevant to your training, experience and job role.

The main CSCS suite of cards are colour coded starting at Red running through Green, Blue, Gold & Black.

Red Provisional CSCS Cards are temporary cards for trainees: This card will allow you to work on site while you achieve your CITB Health & Safety Awareness course.

Green Labourers CSCS Card: This card will allow you to work on a construction site as a Labourer. It’s valid for 5 years.

Blue Skilled Worker CSCS cards: These cards are for skilled workers such as tradesmen e.g. Carpenters, plasterers, steel fixers etc. You can achieve a Blue CSCS card by completing an NVQ level 2 in your chosen field.

Gold Supervisors CSCS card: This card is a much sought after card and indicates supervisors hold a high level of training and competence.

Black Managers CSCS card: This card is the highest ranking card a site manager can hold and is achieved by completing an NVQ level 6 or 7 in construction site management or senior site management.

It sounds like I need a Blue CSCS Card How can I get one?

To achieve a Blue CSCS card, you need to complete a construction related level 2 NVQ in your area of expertise.

For example a carpenter might complete an NVQ level 2 diploma in wood occupations carpentry.

Your NVQ Assessor will visit you in the workplace where you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Your assessor will collect various work based evidence and a file will be built that demonstrates your competence

Upon completion you’ll receive your NVQ certificate. You’ll then need to complete a
CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test at a Pearson centre before you can apply for a blue CSCS Card

How can I book my NVQ to gain my Blue CSCS card?

Call us today, Our NVQ assessors will talk you through the process and see which route is the best for you.

We can tailor the NVQ Assessment process to meet your needs.