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About Black CSCS Card

Black CSCS Card is provided by JTW Construction Training.
Is a construction training organisation that offers a comprehensive range of services to fulfil the needs of the construction and related industries.

Covering Lancashire and the rest of the UK, Our team have decades of combined, hands-on construction experience gained on large scale tier one projects that we can transfer to you and your team to help you safely manage some of the construction industry’s most hazardous work activities. 

We can provide a variety of accredited, low-cost training solutions to guarantee that your employees have the skills they need to be safe, reduce project risks and comply with your company requirements and health and safety regulations.

We can collaborate with you to develop a custom learning plan to enable your learners to achieve industry standard qualifications quickly.

Our tutors go above and beyond the assessment criteria to enable learners to prepare for real-world challenges they’ll face in the job, not merely pass a course.